Ramona and Her Mother

by Beverly Cleary, Tracy Dockray

ISBN-10 038070952X
ISBN-13 9780380709526
Publisher HarperCollins Publishers
Edition Reprint
Pub. Date September 1990
Pages 208
Dimensions 5.12 (w) x 7.62 (h) x 0.44 (d)
Ramona just wants everyone to be happy. If only her father would smile and joke again, her mother would look less worried, her sister would be cheerful, and Picky-picky would eat his cat-food. But Ramona's father has lost his job, and nobody in the Quimby household is in a very good mood.

Ramona tries to cheer up the family as only Ramona can - by rehearsing for life as a rich and famous star of television commercials, for instance - but her best efforts only make things worse. Her sister, Beezus, calls her a, pest, her parents lose patience with her, and her teacher claims she's forgotten her- manners. But when her father admits he wouldn't trade her for a million dollars, Ramona knows everything is going to work out fine in the end.

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