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Version 2

Date: Coming Soon August 2016
Version 2 of the as well as the Android and iOS Application will be launching within the coming weeks. Our development team has been hard at work trying to bring the best experience to Mobile and Desktop users all throughout the U.S.
A brand new App UI/UX design is coming, along with a whole new website redesign. We will also be adding new forms of payment and even easier ways to sell you're books faster than ever before!

Tech this out

Date: 4/27/2016
School is winding down and finals are on the way. If you went to college, you know the pain and agony of spending tons of money on text books. You also know what it's like to try and sell them back to the book store for next to nothing. Forget all of that.
There's a new app called Libro that is helping ease the pain of buying and selling specialty books. But it works for regular books, too. You can find just about any book on Libro. If you don't find it in your search, you can upload a book into the data base. Uploading a book takes between 10 to 20 seconds. 

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Nbc logo

Date: 2/29/2016
The Libro Team just had the pleasure of spending time in Providence, RI, at NBC Studios! We were featured on there very own series titled, "Tech This Out" where we displayed the newest development version of our featured App Libro Books, future plans as the company grows, and showed brand new features for both iOS and Android.
It was an overall amazing experience from all of us at Libro Books. We want send our greatest gratitude for the opportunity and a special thank you to NBC 10! 

NBC 10 "Tech This Out" Official Website

Campus lantern news

Date: 2/18/2016
The Libro Team just had the pleasure of spending time at Eastern Connecticut State University, where the team was featured on the front page of the University's monthly newspaper for the month of February.
Campus Lantern Newspaper Link

Android phone

Date: 2/11/2016
The Libro Team just released an Android Platform. Now any Android user can use Libro Books on any Android Device!
Libro Books Android, was a very high request from our users all over the world. Now you can enjoy Libro Books on any iOS or Android Device.

The Official Google Play Store Direct Link

Theday bg

Date: 1/19/2016
The Libro Team was sick of spending nearly $300 for a college
 textbook and then, at the end of the semester, perhaps getting $50 back when he sold it. At the same time, they are looking internationally, planning to introduce a Spanish version of the Android app in Panama and Colombia by next summer.
By bypassing the huge markups for used items at college bookstores, they expect to be saving students a substantial amount of money on the average annual textbook spending of $1,200 a year per person! The Libro Team cited statistics showing 30 percent of college students avoid buying or renting textbooks because they cannot afford to pay the costs.

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